Take an Idea for a Walk

I often say creativity is broken down into two very simple parts. 1. Know lots of things about lots of things And 2. Be able to join those things together Taken together these two elements harness the real power of what it means to say that knowledge is not the sum of what you know … Continue reading Take an Idea for a Walk

Why most brainstorming doesn’t work

It can seem on the surface that a lot of what I teach is very similar to the hardly innovative technique of brainstorming. That’s because most techniques for idea generation are, let’s face it, trying to do the same thing – generate better ideas. And yes, if you have ever been through a creative thinking … Continue reading Why most brainstorming doesn’t work

The City and The City and the city, and

The final piece about my "Can Blue Planets Find Space for Rainbows?" project is the book outline. Expect the following 9 chapters, largely in manifesto form, then detailed papers based on each. 1: A Tale of Two Scientists Using responses to the broadcast of Blue Planet 2 to illustrate the way that much-needed activism in … Continue reading The City and The City and the city, and

How Radical is Technology for Disabled Rights?

It is impossible to overstate how important technology will be in reframing the conceptual dynamic between abled & disabled people in the coming decade. It has always been a matter of choice (or, too often, simply not thought about, and therefore a result of unintended consequence) for abled people whether disabled folk have a place … Continue reading How Radical is Technology for Disabled Rights?

Can Blue Planets Find Space for Rainbows?

Disabled people have been erased from many well-meaning visions of the future, for example in environmental circles, through the adoption of the theological and philosophical notions of holiness, utopia, and disgust. I make the rather mild suggestion that the answer lies in dedicating our resources to provide infrastructures to the world that allow different groups to occupy it in the way they need. 

Where do Brilliant New Ideas Come From?

This is a talk I gave for the Being Human Festival in 2018 at the Maths Institute of Oxford University. Thanks to The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities for hosting, and recording, the event. I've left in my powerpoint prompts so you can download by clicking here and follow the slides should you wish … Continue reading Where do Brilliant New Ideas Come From?

Creativity and Freediving: Training for Mind Sports

This week I began serious training for the creative thinking and speed reading events at the Mind Sports Olympiad. I thought it would be interesting to give an insight into what it takes to prepare for these unusual events. But most of all, I thought that giving an insight into them might widen awareness of … Continue reading Creativity and Freediving: Training for Mind Sports

Signed, Sealed, Now to Deliver

On March 1st in the Ryle Room at the Faculty of Philosophy in Oxford University, we signed the (copious) paperwork and became a limited company, a spinout from Oxford University. It was a fabulous occasion, presided over, as you see, by Dugal the dugong, our company mascot. The highlight of the ceremony was the amazing … Continue reading Signed, Sealed, Now to Deliver