Helping you Build a Better World

Today, organizations, companies, even whole business sectors with vaults of expertise built up over centuries find themselves in a world that feels increasingly alien, facing wicked problems from their environment; and agile challengers native to this new landscape.

They are keenly aware that the cost of getting their response wrong is more than lost bottom line; it is an existential one.

They know they need to adapt but they don’t know how.

We believe succeeding in the next 10 years needn’t mean ditching the expertise built over the last 100. Just adapting it.

We offer training grounded in neuroscience research that aims to develop those brain activities most associated with the ability to fluidly form new connections between seemingly unlinked areas of knowledge, meaning that innovation and adaptability will come more naturally to you.

Because we believe in the importance of maximising positive impact on the world, we have designed a training programme that gives you the general skills you need to tackle any problem, rather than focusing on this or that one problem. Essentially, we give you the master tool to then make your own tools according to your needs. That way you spend less time in training and more time doing what matters – making the world better.

But we also recognise that sometimes you want help with a particular problem. Maybe you need a fresh perspective. Or maybe a problem is so wicked that you need a very special suite of tools to crack it. We can help in these situations too. And, without taking our eyes off the project at hand, we will help you identify ways in which even the most task-specific approach can be applied elsewhere. Because while training is rarely wasted, it is often not applied as broadly or effectively as it could be.

We try to take this approach as much as we can – making sure you spend as little time with us as possible. Because we don’t want to be trainers. We want to be enablers – making sure you do the most good you can. Of course some of that is training. But a lot of it means we work behind the scenes – developing tools for you, answering questions, finding new ways to use your skills, offering just the right level of support while providing just the right level of challenge for your team so they maintain a regular level of deep practice that will embed the skills we introduced while we were training, meaning they can do more good, more quickly.

Our programmes and services include

Generalised Innovation and Adaptability

Narrative Analysis

Creative Thinking

Unlocking the Potential of a Neurodivergent Workforce

A full range of editorial and copywriting skills to maximise the impact of your ideas

Fully bespoke consultancy

You can find full details of these services and programmes here.