“The creative and divergent thinking classes that Daniel has delivered to analysts from across Government have been particularly well received, being both informative and enjoyable.  The feedback has been  universally positive.” Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis, Cabinet Office

The following is a list of our programmes. You can scroll down for more information on each. We can deliver most of our programmes in many formats from short sessions lasting a couple of hours through day or half day workshops to courses where we will spend several sessions with you and support you between them to make sure what you learn is embedded in your culture.

  • Creative Thinking
  • Fostering Innovation and Adaptability
  • Narrative Analysis
  • Improving Mental Health in the Start-up Community
  • Unlocking the Potential of a Diverse Workforce
  • Motivational Talks and Away Days
  • Bespoke Coaching and Consultancy

Contact me on rogueinterrobang@gmail.com with any enquiries.

  • Creative Thinking

Creativity is rated the most important skill needed to succeed in the 21st century by half of CEOs. Based on the “broad and deep” technique that Dan Holloway used to win his two Creative Thinking World Championships, this workshop gives you the tools to harness your team’s creativity and hire more creative people to fill it.

You will focus on two key areas of creativity – how to build a broad base of knowledge that is constantly expanding; and how to store that knowledge using the principle of “leaky walls” in order to make it easier to connect bits of it together so that knowledge isn’t just “there” but is ready to be used.

You will explore everything from how to create mythical monsters, to why 16th century memory artists were burned at the stake to why the memory of your childhood pet may be stopping yo from solving the finer points of food security.

  • Fostering Innovation and Adaptability

For your work to have the greatest possible impact, you need to be able to adapt constantly as the world changes around you. This training provides you with the skills needed to do just that, working with your brain’s neuroplasticity (the brain’s own ability to adapt) so that you find it easier to form connections between different parts of your knowledge, or between your existing knowledge and the world.

Our techniques help you, as individuals and as organisations, to overcome our natural tendency to conform, to do things as they have always been done so that you will be more receptive to the possibilities offered by the new connections you make. And we also provide you with the skills to elaborate upon those ideas, to develop them and build on them and explore every opportunity they might create.

In these sessions we focus especially on those habits and biases that may be holding you back, such as too much task-focus and susceptibility to the local maximum problem.

  • Narrative Analysis

Narrative analysis draws on the storyteller’s art of creating compelling narrative by linking actions and motivations. It will help you understand that information, data, and patterns are not static things but points on an arc that goes from a motivation to an intended outcome – and that while the points themselves may not be the result of motivation or intention (we rarely intend to drop a shopping list – though we might), they are intimately related to them (we drop the shopping list where we do because our motivations and intentions in some way bring us to this place carrying this thing). And they are not just points on a single such line but lie at the intersection of many such lines.

We have delivered this course for several years to senior intelligence and data analysts for whom it provides an extra lens for understanding and manipulating data in order to assess which unpromising correlations are – and which promising correlations aren’t – significant.

  • Improving Mental Health in the Start-up Community

Recent research has shown that poor mental health exists amongst entrepreneurs at levels far higher than in the general population. And yet incubators, accelerators, even MBA programmes often lack training focused on being aware of, and protecting, your mental health; or what to do when you become ill.

Dan Holloway has lived experience of mental ill health (bipolar disorder/anxiety) as well as being an entrepreneur. For more than a decade he has worked with the likes of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, American Express, and the Financial Ombudsman Service delivering training and consultancy on mental health.

Since 2016 he and his colleague Verity Westgate have devised and delivered Looking Behind the Label, a workshop on mental health in the workplace, more than 25 times within Oxford University. The programme (and, in addition, Dan and Verity as individuals) was shortlisted in 2018 for the inaugural Oxford University Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Awards.

Dan brings that experience, and his always-innovative approach, to create training specifically aimed at improving the mental health of those starting out on this journey. This is the perfect course for all incubator and accelerator programmes, and for anywhere entrepreneurship is taught. Areas covered include:

  1. Understanding why the rules that work for others might not work for you (but what might work).
  2. Understanding why some work patterns do and don’t work for many people with some conditions.
  3. Exploring patterns of work that will fit best with your needs.
  4. Establishing the importance of self-care and finding balances that work for you.
  5. Understanding that some things driven by your condition are not preferences but needs, and learning how to ask for adaptions from others, be they investors or clients or anyone in the start-up ecosystem, that will enable you to flourish.

Dan also offers support and coaching for those who are already on the road who might need help navigating new situations or understanding how to work with their own, and their team’s, mental health.

  • Unlocking the Potential of a Diverse Workforce

Any organization working on wicked problems needs to be able to deploy fully every resource it has available. This is why we believe taking inclusion in the workplace seriously is not just a moral but an existential issue.

For many reasons, neurodivergent people and those with mental health conditions often find it hard to follow a “typical” path in life, which means their CVs can look unfamiliar, and they can end up in jobs far below their potential.

This is one of our target areas for direct impact, through our in-work support scheme, but we are also able to provide guidance, support, and packages to help you make some very simple changes to recruitment and working practices that will help you tap vast reserves of potential, giving you a competitive edge, and giving the world you want to improve the kind of edge it needs as well.

  • Motivational talks and Away Days

Whether you want someone to inspire your workforce at the annual dinner or want something more memorable than another training session, Dan Holloway can deliver a talk that is right for you. Drawing on experiences in academia, as a double Creative Thinking World Champion, mental health advocate, the first Intelligence Grandmaster, European Speed Reading Champion, a slam poet who has performed at the Royal Albert Hall, and veteran of multiple 100 kilometre ultramarathons, Dan can tailor an informative, entertaining, and engaging talk that’s right for you.

And if you want to give your team an away day they will truly remember

  • Bespoke coaching and consultancy

Whatever you want help with, ask us if we can help. Whether it’s a new way of thinking about a particular problem, exploring unforeseen potential markets for a new product, exploring innovative ways of entering new markets, simply wanting to know how you can best change the world for the better, or whether you need someone to unlock your potential over a period of time, we can help.

2 thoughts on “How Can We Help?

  1. Dear Dan,

    I have been given your name by Emma Darwin , a fellow member of the London Library. I have written a memoir- encouraged by my U.S. Endowment clients, about my dealings with, and investments in, some famous European family investment companies… Rothschild, Taittinger, Agnelli, Lazard et al. Although it might have a wider audience- dealing as it does with an unusual contrarian investment philosophy which delivered for Yale a return of nearly 10% per annum ahead of the indices over a period of 13 years. I want, at least, to propel it into an edited shape ( query, should some interesting historical pieces, currently appendices, be brought back into the narrative, albeit in a different font?) so that it can be published as a “thank you” for all the people who helped me in my career, and as an aide memoire should I lose my memory !
    My daughter, who has worked as an editor in publishing, has checked attributions for secondary sources.
    The book covers a lot of ground and is about 150,000 words.
    As it is long, I am very happy to discuss the likely cost and the terms of engagement. I am so keen to move it on…

    With my very best wishes,

    John Walton


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