Unlocking Creative Potential

“The creative and divergent thinking classes that Daniel has delivered to analysts from across Government have been particularly well received, being both informative and enjoyable.  The feedback has been  universally positive.” Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis

In 2016 I became the Creative Thinking World Champion, and in 2017 i won the title for the second time. It was the culmination of a life spent learning how to look at the world differently, because it is that different perspective, the connections you make that no one else has seen, and the ability to see their potential for making the world a better place, that sets people apart.

There is extraordinary creative potential in the world that is currently untapped. I believe if we can begin to unlock this potential we can not only transform lives, but we can release a remarkable resource that will enable us not just to tackle the global challenges we face but to take the world a quantum leap forward. Whether it is lack of educational opportunities meaning people with talent lack the tools to convert their skills and passion to, or circumstance and life events such as mental ill health or a childhood spent dedicated to caring, many people are caught in work (or lack of work) positions where they are not only unable to fulfil their dreams but society is unable to benefit from their talent. It is my goal to find ways of helping people find the resources they need to pursue the creative challenges they long for.

I work to help people not just to see the world in ways that are unique to them but to figure out how to use what they have learned to make things better – in their lives, in their workplaces, and in their communities.

I will use the blog here to build, among other things, an archive of ideas and tools that you can use to transform your life, your organization, or your community creatively. But I would also be delighted to spend time with you, in your organization, exploring, inspiring, and equipping so that you and those who work with you can be more fulfilled and more effective.

Whether you are a giant organisation or a tiny business, your employees are remarkable, and they have the potential to be even more so. People who have experienced mental ill health often find themselves in positions way below their capabilities, with little opportunity to use those capabilities.

I can work with you to help unlock the potential of your staff so that they can contribute fully within their own lives, to society and, of course, to your business, by providing them with the skills, and with you to provide them with the opportunity to contribute to their full potential.

Please email me at rogueinterrobang dot gmail dot com if you would like to explore how we can work together.