No black hole here

The clocks have not stopped.
The heavens did not wrinkle or fold.
The shock we feel is simply
The arrow of time reminding us
We, like the stars, will grow old.

Laws are no different
Today for not having you here to transcribe them,
Our questions no more, no less profound,
The universe remains no less, no more indifferent.

Entropy’s tendrils claw as relentlessly today as yesterday
Unknitting us, as they did you,
And moving on
Each unstitched thought’s decaying light
A reminder you are gone.

That we know the redness of recent wounds will surely shift,
That we know no singularity was here,
That we know beyond the horizon of your words,
While all around disintegrates,
The laws whose stories they told do not –
That knowledge, which too will cool and calm,
That it crackles, kindles, for a moment – now –
That is enough.


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