An Open Access Manifesto for Training the Body

Every body is different; every body has different needs; every person has different desires, aspirations, and potential for their body; Whatever those needs, aspirations, desires, and potentials are the means to train the body to attain them should be freely available to all.Societies should do everything possible to ensure every form of exercise available to … Continue reading An Open Access Manifesto for Training the Body

Turning Inward

a grass-covered path through trees with no leaves

I've put off writing about my progress training for the One Day challenge for a couple of weeks now because I just couldn't find the right way in. There are so many things I want to capture - what it is I'm finding hard, without suggesting I'm hard done by or failing to acknowledge the … Continue reading Turning Inward

Covid and Uncomfortable Choices about Customer Community

The problem with being a disabled business owner who wants to change the world and build a business to a level where it makes a more comfortable life possible, at least for one’s immediate family, is a stark one that has really hit home this year. All businesses need customers. But this year has made … Continue reading Covid and Uncomfortable Choices about Customer Community

The Writing on the Wall: Creativity and Paradigm Shifts

The challenge in implementing creative solutions to problems is finding a receptive audience. We often think that we need to work within existing frameworks, and nudge them in the right direction, but a new perspective on how paradigm shifts can occur suggests it more be possible to win over audiences more quickly to more radical solutions.

Can Blue Planets Find Space for Rainbows?

Disabled people have been erased from many well-meaning visions of the future, for example in environmental circles, through the adoption of the theological and philosophical notions of holiness, utopia, and disgust. I make the rather mild suggestion that the answer lies in dedicating our resources to provide infrastructures to the world that allow different groups to occupy it in the way they need. 

Learning on the Run: 2017 Race to the Stones

CN: anxiety, suicidal ideation Every time you run an ultramarathon you learn something new about yourself. And the further you go, and the slower you go, the more you are likely to learn. Which means, at least on the second score, I should be a genius by now. This was my third Race to the … Continue reading Learning on the Run: 2017 Race to the Stones