Turning Inward

I've put off writing about my progress training for the One Day challenge for a couple of weeks now because I just couldn't find the right way in. There are so many things I want to capture - what it is I'm finding hard, without suggesting I'm hard done by or failing to acknowledge the … Continue reading Turning Inward


Going Forward by Going Back: My First Press Up at 49

This is something I talked about recently. I've been giving a lot of thought to why it is that I reach sticking points I just can't get past, and one tactic I've decided to try this year is to take a step right back and begin again from the start with some of the things … Continue reading Going Forward by Going Back: My First Press Up at 49

When Does a Challenge Begin

https://youtu.be/s3ZQnDHVZn8 (My first attempt to video some training - running along the Thames Path between Port Meadow and Swinford, past Godstow Nunnery & Bishop's Lock) When does a challenge begin? In my research I think about this kind of question all the time. I work with questions like “what is the future?”, “what does it … Continue reading When Does a Challenge Begin