When Does a Challenge Begin

https://youtu.be/s3ZQnDHVZn8 (My first attempt to video some training - running along the Thames Path between Port Meadow and Swinford, past Godstow Nunnery & Bishop's Lock) When does a challenge begin? In my research I think about this kind of question all the time. I work with questions like “what is the future?”, “what does it … Continue reading When Does a Challenge Begin


Where the Limits Lie

“You don’t know where your limits are until you try to do something you can’t do. That’s where your limit is – right there where you quit” (Lazarus Lake) We all know “you can do anything you put your mind to” is just not true (we do, right, I mean, it’s not even science; it’s … Continue reading Where the Limits Lie

Adjusting Expectations

Let me say this up front. The title of this post is an unashamed riff on one of my favourite videos from the fabulous Ethan Newberry, aka The Ginger Runner. You should all watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZQf3aiiYJE This is the 4th year I have toed the line for Race to the Stones, my first ultra back … Continue reading Adjusting Expectations

Learning on the Run: 2017 Race to the Stones

CN: anxiety, suicidal ideation Every time you run an ultramarathon you learn something new about yourself. And the further you go, and the slower you go, the more you are likely to learn. Which means, at least on the second score, I should be a genius by now. This was my third Race to the … Continue reading Learning on the Run: 2017 Race to the Stones