A Short Letter from Alexandria

wooden shelves of books in an old library

I want to talk about the particular kind of uncertainty that neurodivergent and mentally ill folk like me experience. But because most other people don’t, let’s first take a step back and understand what it is that we in higher education do. I’ve thought about this for the more than 3 decades since I arrived in Oxford as an undergraduate, and my conclusion is very simple. The one thing you do at your core is this. You burn books.

Holiness. Utopia. Disgust. imagination, disability, and the mechanisms of erasure

Full text of the talk I gave for the panel: "A Future Worth Fighting For: technology, disability, and ways of being" at the Futures Thinking Conference  We are increasingly reimagining what it means to be-in-the-world. Particularly, we are accepting that we cannot live in the future as we live in the present. Indeed, if we … Continue reading Holiness. Utopia. Disgust. imagination, disability, and the mechanisms of erasure

The City and The City and the city, and

The final piece about my "Can Blue Planets Find Space for Rainbows?" project is the book outline. Expect the following 9 chapters, largely in manifesto form, then detailed papers based on each. 1: A Tale of Two Scientists Using responses to the broadcast of Blue Planet 2 to illustrate the way that much-needed activism in … Continue reading The City and The City and the city, and

How Radical is Technology for Disabled Rights?

It is impossible to overstate how important technology will be in reframing the conceptual dynamic between abled & disabled people in the coming decade. It has always been a matter of choice (or, too often, simply not thought about, and therefore a result of unintended consequence) for abled people whether disabled folk have a place … Continue reading How Radical is Technology for Disabled Rights?

Disability Anxiety: Starting Up Without Breaking Down Part 4

The incorporation process has begun. Papers sit on my desk waiting to be signed once final passes have been made. This is, of course, ridiculously exciting. It also feels like an incredible responsibility. I have always been totally open about my mental health, and the struggles it has caused me. I speak at conferences and … Continue reading Disability Anxiety: Starting Up Without Breaking Down Part 4

Full Disclosure?

Part 2 of the Starting Up and Breaking Down series. What had started as an introductory note has ended up as a separate post. It probably serves as a useful preface for the series, which gets out there in one go why I am taking the approach I am with regard to talking openly about … Continue reading Full Disclosure?

Starting Up and Breaking Down

Becoming an Entrepreneur when you have Poor Mental Health: A Journey in Unknown Parts You are probably here because you know one of three sides to me. As very few people know all three, let me say a paragraphette about each. They will quickly make clear why I am keeping this very public diary. I … Continue reading Starting Up and Breaking Down

Where the Limits Lie

“You don’t know where your limits are until you try to do something you can’t do. That’s where your limit is – right there where you quit” (Lazarus Lake) We all know “you can do anything you put your mind to” is just not true (we do, right, I mean, it’s not even science; it’s … Continue reading Where the Limits Lie

Adjusting Expectations

Let me say this up front. The title of this post is an unashamed riff on one of my favourite videos from the fabulous Ethan Newberry, aka The Ginger Runner. You should all watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZQf3aiiYJE This is the 4th year I have toed the line for Race to the Stones, my first ultra back … Continue reading Adjusting Expectations