How To Make Work Work

black and white image through a window at night of an artist sitting on the floor of a room painting a canvas, overlaid with the words "looking in at shadows that are lowly growing thin through windows that are slowly filling in"

After thinking a little a couple of weeks ago about what shared work spaces after Covid might look like, I wanted to make some notes about what our individual work within organisations might be like. All of these thoughts ultimately feed my vision for Rogue Interrobang, and for my own work. But this is also … Continue reading How To Make Work Work

Basic Income Day: Why it Matters for Creatives

Today is Labor Day. Which is why it was the perfect day for groups within the basic income movement to pronounce it Basic Income Day. That’s because one of the key things the basic income movement stands for is the decoupling of the link between work and the money that we need in order to … Continue reading Basic Income Day: Why it Matters for Creatives

Changing Conversations

It is always a fine line to tread when one has a very strong agenda for change, between the political and the supra-political. Especially so when the issue in question lacks the fluidity that allows many of the most useful debates to have their natural rhythm. But as today is “Brexit Day”, it is both … Continue reading Changing Conversations

We Need to Talk About TED

TED is the thing many in how-to and life-improvement and, I guess, culture in general love to hate. I love watching TED talks from time to time. Today, on International Women's Day, I've been rewatching one of my heroes, Anna Frost, talking about the brilliant non-profit Sisu Girls. The problem with TED is that … Continue reading We Need to Talk About TED