Mycelium is the award-winning creative card game that makes you more creative while having fun. Devised by Dan Holloway, Mycelium won the 2017 Oxford Humanities Innovation Challenge.

The principle of the game is very simple. Drawing cards from the deck gives players a creative thinking question. For example, “What would happen if ants and a glacier swapped places fpr a day?” Players have 5 minutes to come up with as many answers as possible. Each answer you come up with get points for its originality, and for the elegance and detail of its elaboration. The more people who come up with the same idea, the fewert points that idea scores.

The beautifully produced deck containing 16 question cards and 40 object cards features stunning artwork by artist and illustrator Sophie E Tallis, and the Mycelium logo by artist Sarm Derbois.

Rogue Interrobang’s online store is coming by the end of January 2023, but email to buy Mycelium directly now for just £10 including shipping within the UK or £15 anywhere in the world.