our dreams make different shapes

Our Dreams Make Different Shapes: How Your Creativity Could Make the World a Better Place and Why the World Will Try to Stop You helps you start living a more creative life. As well as outlining techniques to help you form more fluid connections, it explains how to communicate your original ideas so that people listen and they can have the maximum positive impact on the world.

Lift is a book for anyone who wants to explore the potential of their body – a celebration of inner city gyms and wild open spaces alike as places that can make us stronger, places we can, through training, call home. And it is a manifesto for access to strength training for all, regardless of gender, body type, or class.


Mycelium is the award-winning card game that makes you more creative while having fun. Online store coming by the end of April 2022, but email to buy directly now for just £10 including shipping within the UK or £15 anywhere in the world.