Our Dreams Make Different Shapes

our dreams make different shapes

Our Dreams Make Different Shapes: how your creativity can make the world a better place and why the world will try to stop you is now available as an ebook (£2.99/$3.99) and paperback. (£7.99)

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This book is a field kit for would-be world changers

In a world that sometimes feels as though it is crumbling right in front of us, this book is a celebration of, a call to arms to, and a field guide for outsiders. At its heart is a very simple, very stark message: creativity is our only hope of making it out of this alive. Creativity means doing things in new ways so by definition, being creative makes you an outsider. That gives you the freedom to think in ways other people don’t, even can’t.

But it also comes at an incredible cost: even if you find the answer to our toughest problems, no one will believe you. It is a price creatives have been paying ever since the time of Cassandra, the Trojan princess of Greek myth who was cursed always to tell the truth and never to be believed. This book will help you not only to develop more creative ideas but will help you to communicate them so they are listened to and implemented.


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