How I Learn

This is a little insight into how I approach learning new things. I hope it's helpful for anyone taking on a new challenge in 2021. I'll be starting with memory, speed cubing, and trying to chip away at my 1 kilometre run time. For every discipline I take on in my One Day Like This … Continue reading How I Learn

Covid and Uncomfortable Choices about Customer Community

The problem with being a disabled business owner who wants to change the world and build a business to a level where it makes a more comfortable life possible, at least for one’s immediate family, is a stark one that has really hit home this year. All businesses need customers. But this year has made … Continue reading Covid and Uncomfortable Choices about Customer Community

Subjectivity and Friction

Subjectivity - what it means for a "person" (whatever that is) to be the direct, immediate, or ultimate (or a combination of all three) cause of their actions - is something I have been studying in earnest since I was a very wet behind the ears Masters student a quarter (eek!) of a century ago. … Continue reading Subjectivity and Friction

Our Dreams Make Different Shapes

Our Dreams Make Different Shapes: how your creativity can make the world a better place and why the world will try to stop you is now available as an ebook (£2.99/$3.99) and paperback. (£7.99) For Kindle Paperback Links to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo & others here This book is a field kit for would-be … Continue reading Our Dreams Make Different Shapes

The Monk, The Mushroom, and The MRI

This is the full text of the talk "The Monk, the Mushroom, and the MRI: how creativity could save the world", given at Meeting Minds in Oxford on 20 September. You can download the slides here. I have kept in the slide prompts so you can follow. When I give talks on the subject of … Continue reading The Monk, The Mushroom, and The MRI

We Need to Build a Better Future: Why Creativity Matters

Talk for the European Union’s Eastern Partnership Civil Society Fellows given on 11 September Download the accompanying powerpoint here If you asked people “do we need more creativity?” very few people would be likely to say no. Indeed, we know that when people are asked about creativity they want more of it. Business leaders regularly … Continue reading We Need to Build a Better Future: Why Creativity Matters

The Future

One of the fascinating things about being part of the Futures Thinking Network has been trying to answer what should be the simplest question of all: why am I interested in the future? I mean, of course I am – it’s the future! It’s possibility, excitement, discovery, a treasure map of life and so on and … Continue reading The Future