What I Do

Think. Write. Communicate
Clearly. Effectively. Creatively

Whoever you are, Rogue Interrobang, run by bestselling novelist, journalist, award-winning poet, former World Intelligence Champion and 2016 Creative Thinking World Champion Dan Holloway, gives you the tools you need to think and communicate more effectively; and to get more from your business, your organisation, and most important of all your life by unlocking your creativity.

editorial services for writers and academics, specialising in literary fiction, thrillers and memoirs; and non-fiction academic texts, articles, and theses, including writing in English as a second language (click here for full details of editorial services).

copywriting for the web, white papers, reports, blogs, brochures, apps and anywhere you need to communicate your message effectively (copywriting is charged on a per project basis. Click here for links to samples of my work).

creative consultancy. Working with businesses and other organizations to unlock their potential by developing creative practices (Click here for details of how I can work with business, organizations, and individuals).

speaking. I have extensive experience of speaking and presenting and will be delighted to speak at your event or organization about any aspect of creativity. I am also available to speak at conferences and festivals on self-publishing and the literary and cultural worlds, and for poetry performances (Click here for details of some of my past events).

narrative analysis workshops for businesses. This is a technique I developed in sessions with senior analysts that uses methods taken from creative writing to understand behaviours, to enable you to prioritise limited resources, and work alongside statistical analysis to determine which patterns are more or less likely to be significant.
I have worked with the Cabinet Office, the Royal Household, and numerous private clients. I look forward to working with you.

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