We believe in making the maximum possible impact, and that means, in most cases, empowering those with the expertise in key areas. But there are also areas where we have the expertise to make a direct impact, and where that is the case, we intend to do so.

We are always looking for ways to use our skills to make a difference, from thought sprints and hackathons, which have led to the production of a green paper outlining the technology needed to create an autistic-accessible recruitment tool, to longer term projects.

The following are key areas in which we look to make a direct impact.

Idea Exchange/Open Paper – we believe that a good idea can come from anywhere.  but we also know that the ideas that have the greatest impact are the ones that reach the right places, and these two things can conflict with one another. So we want to create a place where the most pressing problems find the best solutions; where anyone can post anything from a brief outline of an idea to a green paper; where anyone with suitable skills can work on an idea for which they have a passion; where anyone who has access to a platform can amplify those ideas and help make them real; and where the person who had the initial idea is given every possible resource to lead the project.

Free to Dream Scholarships – too many people with incredible talents and remarkable ideas are, through accidents of circumstance, languishing in jobs where they are unable to use those skills or pursue those ideas, and as a result we all lose. We would like to establish a series of scholarships to enable people to pursue their ideas and use their talents whilst in the work they need in order to survive, by providing them with course fees where necessary, and by providing their employers with cover for whatever period is necessary.

Igniting Others – through talks, presentations, panel slots and media appearances; and by providing skills people need to help make their ideas real.

Changing the Landscape – through thought leadership and campaigning. In particular we believe in the importance of all projects including those whose lived experience falls several standard deviations from the norm and whose needs may otherwise go unconsidered. We believe this involvement should be fairly compensated and that whilst “experts by experience” are essential, such individuals may also be experts in many other ways and should have (adequately compensated) access to all processes on which they are giving their input so that the full extent of their expertise can be of benefit.

Booking an appearanceyou can find media links here. Please email rogueinterrobang@gmail.com if you would like to discuss a talk, presentation, paper or media appearance. In particular, please get in touch about the following subjects:
– Mental health and neurodivergence, especially empowering people within the workplace
– Universal Basic Income
– Creativity and Innovation
– The Future of Work
–  21st Century Problems (AI, transhumanism, climate change, food security, clean oceans) and the importance of empowering everyone to contribute to the solutions
– Ensuring Higher Education is more inclusive and makes the greatest possible impact for good