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I Get Why You Want an Editor
If you are here, you probably already know that you need an editor. You want to make your work the best it can be, and you have done the difficult part and produced the intellectual property. But to make your ideas as widely understood as possible, to meet the standards expected by journals or working paper series, or just by your readers, you need someone whose expertise lies in making that happen.
As someone who spent many years in academia, with a First Class Honours degree from Oxford in Theology and Philosophy followed by a Masters, several conference papers and proceedings, and now a career as a senior administrator in higher education; as a bestselling author of fiction; and as a campaigner for the Alliance of Independent Authors (and co-author of one of its guidebooks), the global professional organisation for self-published writers, and a regular writer and speaker on self-publishing, I understand each of the many reasons people have for wanting to work with an editor to make their writing do what they want it to do.

What I Will Give You
I am an experienced academic proof and copy editor, specialising in the Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as working with researchers writing in English as a second language.
I also work as a proof reader and developmental editor for poetry and literary fiction.
I usually work using track changes. For proof reading you will receive your manuscript marked up with changes. I will add a very brief note where I am uncertain of, say, a question of style.
For copy-editing, you will receive a mix of suggested textual amendments and marginal comments. I will be looking for a clear and consistent writing style, indeed for consistency and clarity of all kinds. I may make some slightly longer notes at the end with any questions as well as more general observations. I will amend typographical errors where I see them, but this is not proofreading.
A developmental edit will contain the occasional suggested textual edit but will mainly consist of marginal notes and a detailed report looking at character, plot, consistency, voice, and other key elements depending on what we have identified in our initial conversation.

How We Work Together
I am very happy to take on work of all sizes, although a minimum charge will apply. In order to make sure that you are happy working with me, I would start by working on a small project with you (200-400 words of academic text, 500-1000 words of fiction, or a single poem) for no charge. Prior to undertaking the work, we will have a brief email exchange so that I can understand exactly what you are looking for. Once I have returned the edited sample piece, we will have another brief email exchange, as the result of which I will provide a second iteration of the editing for you, by which stage I hope you have a great idea of how we will work together, and are reassured that I can give you the service you are looking for.

Turnaround Times
I will always try to accommodate your deadlines, and I understand that sometimes deadlines can come on you out of nowhere, and that often I will be the last link in the chain before that deadline. But in general I will work to the following turnaround times, agreed in advance according to both our diaries. Times stated here are for the work commissioned. If you require a second pass, that will be, in general, quicker but in addition to these times.
Proofreading – up to 5,000 words 48 hours; 5,001-10,000 words 72 hours; 10,001-50,000 words 1 week; 50,001-100,000 words 10 days.
Copy editing – up to 5,000 words 48 hours; 5,001-10,000 words 72 hours; 10,001-50,000 words 1 week; 50,001-100,000 words 10 days.
Developmental editing – up to 5,000 words 72 hours; 5,001-10,000 words 96 hours; 10,001-50,000 words 10 days week; 50,001-100,000 words 2 weeks. Word counts are based on fiction manuscripts. For poetry, work is more intensive and a rough equivalent would be used.

Payment is due on production of invoice once I have completed the work (by complete, I mean at latest on return to you of a second pass, where that is necessary). I will not be able to undertake new work if payment for previous work remains outstanding.
Proofreading £2.50/1000 words (or part thereof), with a minimum charge of £10.
Copy editing £5/1000 words (or part thereof), with a minimum charge of £20.
Developmental editing £6/1000 words (or per one poem) (or part thereof), with a minimum charge of £20.

For proofreading/copy editing of work written in English as a second language, add 50% per 1000 words.


2 thoughts on “Editing

  1. Dear Dan,

    I have been given your name by Emma Darwin , a fellow member of the London Library. I have written a memoir- encouraged by my U.S. Endowment clients, about my dealings with, and investments in, some famous European family investment companies… Rothschild, Taittinger, Agnelli, Lazard et al. Although it might have a wider audience- dealing as it does with an unusual contrarian investment philosophy which delivered for Yale a return of nearly 10% per annum ahead of the indices over a period of 13 years. I want, at least, to propel it into an edited shape ( query, should some interesting historical pieces, currently appendices, be brought back into the narrative, albeit in a different font?) so that it can be published as a “thank you” for all the people who helped me in my career, and as an aide memoire should I lose my memory !
    My daughter, who has worked as an editor in publishing, has checked attributions for secondary sources.
    The book covers a lot of ground and is about 150,000 words.
    As it is long, I am very happy to discuss the likely cost and the terms of engagement. I am so keen to move it on…

    With my very best wishes,

    John Walton


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