Whether you want a motivational speaker to help your team believe they can create meaningful change in the world; someone to run a workshop to impart invaluable skills; a coach to enable you to achieve a life you never thought possible or just to improve a particular skill; or someone to help you understand what your organization is missing that will help help it not just survive but thrive – I can help.

I have been giving workshops, keynotes and consultations for decades.

And I have a long history as a performance poet – so you can be confident that when you hire me to speak, the result will be memorable as well as informative. But most of all it will be practical. It would be easy to describe me as an “ideas person” but for me ideas are only ever as good as the impact they create.

The following is an example of the services I offer and groups I have worked with. Email rogueinterrobang@gmail.com to discuss working with me.

Unique concepts, tools, and techniques I teach include:

  • The horizon of care
  • Narrative analysis
  • Mycelium
  • The empathy gap
  • The Jacquard training principle
  • Sustainable Life Goals
  • understanding the unintended consequences of microfrictions

Workshops and away days on creative thinking 

  • Cabinet Office Professional Head of Intelligence Analysis
  • Oxford University Focus Programme
  • Grand Union Doctoral Training Programme
  • HMRC

Public and educational events

  • The Oxford Research Centre for the Humanities (TORCH) late night sessions at the Ashmolean Museum, Natural History Museum, and Radcliffe Humanities
  • Cheney School

Unlocking the Potential of a Diverse Workforce

  • Association of Research Managers and Administrators
  • Open University

Motivational Talks and Keynotes

  • EU Eastern Partnership Civil Leadership Programme
  • Oxford University Alumni Weekend Meeting Minds
  • Advice UK

Coaching and Consultancy

  • Money Advice Trust
  • Oxford University Innovation Incubator programme

Tutoring, Mentoring, and coaching specific skills

  • Speed Reading
  • Creative thinking

2 thoughts on “Hire Me: Workshops, Coaching, Consultancy, Keynotes and Motivational Talks

  1. Dear Dan,

    I have been given your name by Emma Darwin , a fellow member of the London Library. I have written a memoir- encouraged by my U.S. Endowment clients, about my dealings with, and investments in, some famous European family investment companies… Rothschild, Taittinger, Agnelli, Lazard et al. Although it might have a wider audience- dealing as it does with an unusual contrarian investment philosophy which delivered for Yale a return of nearly 10% per annum ahead of the indices over a period of 13 years. I want, at least, to propel it into an edited shape ( query, should some interesting historical pieces, currently appendices, be brought back into the narrative, albeit in a different font?) so that it can be published as a “thank you” for all the people who helped me in my career, and as an aide memoire should I lose my memory !
    My daughter, who has worked as an editor in publishing, has checked attributions for secondary sources.
    The book covers a lot of ground and is about 150,000 words.
    As it is long, I am very happy to discuss the likely cost and the terms of engagement. I am so keen to move it on…

    With my very best wishes,

    John Walton


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